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Why don’t you just come out and say there’s an allegation the prince had a gay experience?

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Natasha in Black Widow (2014) 1-5

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hello, i totally wanna read some captain america and avengers comics and i was wondering if you knew where i could start or any general direction because there's a lot of comics everywhere and it's deeply confusing. thank you for the help!


the beginner’s guide to TEAM AMERICA by me, a total beginner

featuring steve rogers, bucky barnes, sharon carter, peggy carter, sam wilson, and natasha romanoff

↳  the basics:
↳  next steps:
↳  deep cuts:
↳  bonus: avengers team comics recs for beginners
  • avengers assemble (avengers assemble is a great intro to avengers comics, especially if you’re familiar with the mcu but less so with 616. also note: this torrent contains 1-21 but the series goes to issue 25. I recommend starting at issue 9)
  • mighty avengers (a current ongoing, probably the best team book marvel is putting out right now)
  • avengers, (the current main avengers title. there are…a lot of avengers teams. this one is lead by captain america and iron man)
  • new avengers (vol 1 is STUPID CUTE and is a good marvel team book that is pretty easy to follow along for the most part.)
  • secret avengers #1-21 (don’t read past 21), also captain america and the secret avengers. both new avengers and secret avengers are older and some larger events affect both books, but light googling will help you figure out what’s happening if you get too confused.

*note: I am giving you mostly torrent/download links. I am a big supporter of trying before you buy, though, so if you download these and like them, and if you can afford them, I highly recommend buying!!!!! comixology is the biggest (legal) resource for digital comics, and very handy if you don’t have access to a comic shop, but depending on your location, you can also find trades in your local bookstores or on amazon or ebay.

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GIVEAWAY - Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier: The Art of the Movie (Hardback/Slipcase)

I am giving away a copy of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier: The Art of the Movie!! As The Winter Soldier is easily my favorite Marvel film to date, I pre-ordered this book without a second thought. Then I said to myself, “Why not give away another copy as thanks for reaching 16,500 followers?” And here we are.

The description of this product (as found on Amazon):

Continuing their popular ART OF series of movie tie-in books, Marvel presents its latest blockbuster achievement! Featuring exclusive concept artwork, behind-the-scenes photographs, production stills, and in-depth interviews with the cast and crew, THE ART OF CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER is a deluxe 232-page keepsake volume that provides an insider’s look into the making of the highly-anticipated film directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, and starring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders and Sebastian Stan!

What must one do in order to enter this giveaway, you ask? The rules/guidelines are as follows:

  • You may like this post once and reblog it twice.
  • You do not have to be following me, but I would appreciate it if you checked out my icky blog. I post a lot of video games and superheroes/supervillains/brain-washed-best-friends-turned-assassins. And cry. That’s it. That’s my life.
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • Must be comfortable with giving me your address as this item will be mailed directly to you.
  • I will ship nearly anywhere. Even if you live on Asgard, I’ll find a way to get this to you.
  • Giveaway will end on April 20th, yo!
  • Will be using a Random Number Generator to select the winner.
  • In case you are skeptical, here’s proof I have two copies pre-ordered.
  • You may also read a stellar review on this artbook (via parkablogs) right here.

If you have any questions, you can find me here or on Twitter (I am more likely to respond via Twitter as the messaging system on Tumblr is a tad wonky). Good luck and don’t forget to cry about Bucky Barnes!

Photo credit: parkablogs and Marvel

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That man on the bridge, I knew him…

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